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Portal Alphapost is a unique and exclusive development by Alphapost UG, located at Lyoner Strasse 14, 60528, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland. We reserve the right to change the contents of the portal, and this user manual. Please follow the updates.

Application area

A portal Alphapost is intended for users from the all countries who talk at European language . The portal implements the following tasks:

  1. Search and purchase of goods
  2. The offer and sale of the goods
  3. Search and purchase of services
  4. The offer and sale services
  5. Job search
  6. The search for employees

A brief description of the features

Information portal Alphapost allows you to place free ads. Alphapost offer the following features:

  1. Ads up to 4000 characters and 6 photos can be posted for free
  2. The presence of the dashboard
  3. Exchange messages with other users of the Alphapost
  4. Messaging with external users via e-mail
  5. Promotion of ads inside the portal
  6. Promotion of ads on external resources (search engines and social networks)
  7. Functional links "Paypal", "Book", and "Apply". There is also functional link to your web site.
  8. "No translate" tags which manage a content, which should not be translated, i.e. enterprise title, name, address.

The portal Alphapost allows you to post and view ads on any of the available languages, even if these ads were originally written in another language. And if the user of Alphapost, for example, is from Spain and decided to write, for example to a user from Germany, the system of Alphapost will automatically translate the message in the dashboard.

The level of user readyness

Users of the portal must have basic experience with the operating system MS Windows (7/8/10), the skill to work with Internet Explorer or any other web browser.

User qualifications should allow:

  1. create ads in the portal
  2. manage ads on the portal
  3. conduct analysis of ads

List of operational documentation

Alphapost online user's manual

Assignments, Goals, and Objectives

Portal Alphapost is designed to accommodate user's free classified ads. The system also helps to carry out operations with the portals of third parties relating to the ad.

Activities and Functions

  1. The system provides data in the main European languages.
  2. Payment function via PayPal directly from the ad.
  3. Function of an application or a booking via hyperlink
  4. The system automatically determines the continent and the country where you are located. In the case of an error, you can always correct it.

Software and Hardware system requirements

  1. Any browser supporting HTML5 and Javascript

Getting Started

Distribution details

Distribution for personal computer

For a proper work with the application on the personal computer it is required to have any HTML5 compatible browser with support of JavaScript, for instance:

  1. Internet Explorer or Edge (is installed by default with OS Windows)
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Firefox Mozilla
  4. Opera etc.

Distribution for Android (mobile application GooglePlay)

In development

Distribution for portable devices Apple (mobile application in AppStore)

In development

System launch

Web site Alphapost is always in production, that's why it has no need in the special launch procedures at the user's level.

Checking the system health

In order to check availability of the web site Alphapost from user's device it is necessary to implement the following actions from the user's device:

  1. To start web browser, for this you must click the desktop shortcut or call for a program from the menu of the operating system.
  2. To enter into the browser's address bar an address: and click "Enter" on the keyboard. If you got any questions at this point please read the browser's user manual.
  3. To make sure that the browser launched the web site Alphapost.

In the case the site Alphapost is not launched then you should contact customer's support service.

Alphapost operations

Alphapost operations are a set of regulations that make the process work for the user.

Functions and Tasks

Functions and tasks
Functions Tasks Description
Login to the site Alphapost User registration User registration is required if there is no user profile in the system and there is no other available authentication methods. Registration takes place automatically when you create a new ad.
User authentication User authentication is logged on the data provided by the user, namely his account and password. The portal also uses a check authentication service through Google+ and Facebook. You just need to enter your data. Alphapost receives from Google and Facebook information, if the user entered the correct password. The authentication process takes place on Facebook Google servers and to protect your information.
Activation of the dash When passing authentication, the user can go into his dash, which controls the profile management process, ads, communication with other users, and in particular with potential customers. In the dash, you can add a lot of different characteristics of the ad and ask in future marketing campaigns.
Personal dash Manage your profile
Manage your ads
Create ads Create ads without a registration Having chosen in the site's head option "Create ad" is possible only if the user has never been registered, and this is the very first ad. After successful creation of ads and ad placement, a user profile is created, which places ads through his e-mail address as an ID.

Description of operations of technological process of data processing required to perform the tasks

Operation 1: Registration on the Alphapost's portal

Emergency situations

Recommendations for a familiarization

To become quickly familiar with the system you need to choose the country in which you are searching, and then try to find your subject of interest. Also, try to create an ad in the event of an error, you can always delete it. Read again the user manual.